What is StudyZone.tv?

StudyZone.tv is a growing portal of online lessons and resources to help children learn. Initially focussing on primary level maths, the site aims to support children and parents in developing their understanding of the techniques taught in schools up and down the country. The lessons are designed to be clear and concise, enabling viewers to develop their skills quickly.

For use in the classroom

StudyZone.tv is not just a resource to use at home, but can also be deployed simply and quickly within the classroom. Lessons may be used to reinforce taught concepts for those who need a little extra help, or to extend the more able in preparation for a coming lesson. Their ‘bitesize’ nature also makes StudyZone.tv lessons an excellent standalone activity during registration or as an independent activity during guided reading for example. Finally, by following the common language of the classroom, you can be confident your pupils will be taught in a way that extends their existing understanding, reinforcing the concepts and techniques you are using every day.

Most lessons are accompanied by printable worksheets (with additional answer sheet) that contain a unique code to take the pupil straight to a supporting video lesson on the website; simply hand out your activity sheets and the pupils can find the lesson themselves! They may even use a smartphone or tablet, such as an iPad, to scan the QR code and jump straight to the lesson automatically, helping to put the focus on the learning and not the technology!

For homework support

Although there are a great number of learning resources online already, so many of them are not actually geared towards ‘teaching’ children, but rather revising techniques. StudyZone.tv is different. Each lesson begins with a simple video that teaches children the concepts and methods they need, as if they were sitting at a desk in the classroom. This allows them to consolidate their understanding and learn new skills, whilst revising existing knowledge too.

For supporting parents

It is widely published that parents often don’t feel confident in supporting their children with homework, especially maths, since the methods taught have changed so much. StudyZone.tv’s unique video lessons support parents by clearly modelling the methods teachers are using every day. Developed and produced by a practicing teacher ensures the language is consistent too. Finally, each lesson is designed to quickly get straight to the point, avoiding the clutter that so often accompanies online learning sites.

About the author

StudyZone.tv is the brainchild of Year 6 teacher, Chris Thomas. Chris started work in the media before deciding to train to be a teacher as a mature student. After gaining a degree in computing he completed a graduate teacher course and then started work. He was keen in his new role to maximise his experience in the media and to combine this with his computing degree and growing experience as a teacher. As a result, Chris launched www.iprimary.co.uk, a website designed to support teachers in the use of new technologies in the classroom. With over 75,000 views, these videos continue to support teachers around the world.

As a leading teacher in ICT, Chris has seen the increased availability of technology within the classroom and at home; the opportunities to enhance learning through these developments is a passion of Chris’ and is one of the main driving forces behind StudyZone.tv.

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