Support your students in learning their times tables

With over 4 hours of video lessons, interactive games, multiplayer games and printable resources, our brand new times tables scheme of work is an essential tool for anyone seeking to improve their mental maths skills. The inclusion of learning pathways and reward badges provides an added incentive too.

Here's how the scheme works:



Students start by chanting their times tables in order, initially up to 6 times, then extending to 12 times. The constant repetition in the videos and interactive games helps students quickly recognise whether an value is a multiple of a given times table. By extending the students to hearing and chanting number sentences, they are becoming increasingly familiar with the questions and answers that make up that times table.



Once a student is more confident in recognising the questions and answers that make up a given times table, they complete a range of matching activities in which they must select the correct question and answer pair. These are done with the answers visible to scaffold their learning.


Counting from memory

At this point, the printed questions are answers are removed, relying upon the student to use their memory as they recall the given times table.


Answering questions

Students by now will have a good understanding of the questions and answers that make up a given times table. They secure their understanding by answering simple questions that are presented in a consistent format, eg 2x5, 6x5 etc.



Only at this point are the inverse operations (division facts) introduced. This is to ensure children have already had success in learning the basic times tables facts. Children start by chanting the inverse number sentences (eg 10÷5=2), initially with the support of a printed prompt sheet. They they move onto an interactive game that tests them on their knowledge of inverse operations.



Once students have worked through all the activities, they're ready for the big times tables test! This will combine standard and inverse operation questions and will even focus on the questions the students are getting wrong. Live multiplayer games also let students play against their classmates, schoolmates or players from around the world.

Take a look at some example lessons


  • Our video lessons help students in chanting their times tables as they enter the maths gym!

Sequencing game

  • By regularly hearing questions and answers from a given times table, children will become increasingly familiar with the number facts.

Big tables test

  • Quickfire times tables games get chilren revising their times tables instantly. Our realtime multiplayer games are instant to setup and join too.

Learning pathways

  • Learning pathways automatically guide students through their learning, signposting them to the next appropriate activity. They also indicate the badges that are available as certain activities are completed.

Using it in and out of the classroom


  • Realtime multiplayer games are an excellent way of adding a bit of fun to a times tables intervention group. Our focus on ease of use means students can be up and running in seconds, maximising the time spent learning.

Classroom use

  • Through the use of our instant login QR codes, along with our learning pathways, students can be logged in a learning in seconds. This makes it al ideal tool for early work, registration work or even as an oral starter in a maths lesson.


  • Setting and managing homework can be incredibly time consuming, but our learning pathways mean children are automatically guided from one activity to another. Additionally, teachers can gain an instant overview of activity via their teacher dashboard, or if they prefer, via a weekly email update.

Times Tables Curriculum

  • Immediate access to over 4 hours of video tutorials
  • Interactive games and activities
  • Realtime multiplayer games - play against classmates, school mates or worldwide players
  • Printable resources
  • Automatic learning pathways guide and support students
  • Badges and certificates reward progress
  • Give students access at home
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