Prepare your children for the SATs grammar test

With over 5 hours of video tutorials, our grammar scheme of work is already an essential tool for any class seeking to improve their grammar skills.

All lessons and activities are specifically linked to the new grammar testing framework so students and teachers are sure to feel prepared for some of the harder concepts now covered. Here's how our scheme works:


Children need to revisit concepts regularly

Our video lessons revisit key concepts, helping children embed and develop their understanding. Whether it's the definition of a noun, or the function of a pronoun, if children need to understand a definition to apply it to a new skill, it's revisited at the start of the video.


Video lessons need to be focused

Whether they're used as a starter in an English lesson, or as part of a longer grammar lesson, video lessons need to be short and focus on a single skill. This allows room for you, the teacher, to correct misconceptions and ask key questions.


Video lessons need to include test style examples

All our videos include a number of modelled example questions, presented in a similar way to those found in the SATs test. Pause the video to discuss the questions before watching the answer.


Lessons are matched to content domains

If you've already used the 2016 sample paper, you'll be very familiar with the different content domains being tested. Our videos are grouped by these same content domain definitions, making it easy for you to plug specific gaps you've found.


Children have different gaps

Give your pupils immediate access to all the resources, allowing them to plug their own gaps for homework, or even during early work.

Take a look at some example lessons

Basic concepts

  • Our lessons always presume no prior understanding of a concept, meaning they're not just useful to year 6, but across a school.

Developing skills

  • Build upon basic concepts as students extend their understanding, with lessons revisiting basic concepts though as part of an introduction.

Harder concepts

  • Some of the harder aspects of the 2016 testing framework challenge even the most able teachers, let alone students! Our videos seek to simplify these difficult concepts, helping students and teachers alike.

Review lessons

  • Where appropriate, challenge lessons bring a range of skills together, making it easy to spot gaps in their understanding.

Using it in and out of the classroom

Classroom delivery

  • Use our video lessons and resources to support your teaching. Show videos on a whiteboard then discuss the concepts introduced. Use the video to kickstart your own teaching of a concept, before setting your students going on a task.

Teacher training

  • View our video lessons prior to teaching a lesson to improve your own understanding of grammar. Our videos are far more flexible than training in staff meetings or staff development days, since they allow teachers to develop their understanding when they need it, which far improves knowledge retention.

Self directed learning

  • By signing up for an account with, you can give your students to access to all our video lessons at home, enabling them to revisit concepts they found hard or extend their understanding further.

Grammar Curriculum

  • Immediate access to over 5 hours of video tutorials
  • Matched to the 2016 SATs testing framework
  • Lessons revisit core skills, embedding understanding
  • Growing collection of printable worksheets - ideal for homework
  • Give students access at home
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