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Computer Coding at a Primary Level

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As a year 6 teacher and ICT Subject Leader, I am all too aware of how the term 'ICT' has become muddled over the years. Some use it to refer to an extension of a lesson: 'Let's type our stories up in ICT'. Others use it to refer to equipment: 'How are you using ICT in your lesson?'. Some use it to refer to an explicit subject: 'This afternoon we're doing ICT'. However, even as an isolated subject, the muddying of the term has resulted in less and less explicit teaching of computing skills. By replacing ICT with Computing, a clear message is being sent to schools; here is a brand new subject which demands a brand new focus - the teaching of computing skills and in particular, computer science. But where does this leave teachers who have always presumed computer science to be an A-level subject, or even a degree? Talk of 'algorithms&#...

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