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How to create and use QR Codes in the classroom

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Great pace in lessons: a phrase I have heard many times before in relation to good or outstanding teaching, both from senior leaders and Ofsted alike. So how is this pace achieved without rushing? How do you move your pupils onto a task quickly without their interest dwindling? How can you simplify transitions so they run more smoothly? The use of tablet computers could well hold part of the answer. When I first broached the idea of introducing Apple iPads into my school, there were one or two colleagues who were understandably cautious. We already had an excellent computer suite with one machine per pupil as well as a couple of desktop machines in each classroom, so why did we need tablets? It would have been easy to have focussed on how portable they were, or how easy it was to edit a video on them etc., and of course these are great features, but they'd soon be superseded by som...

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