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Top Tip - How to manage pupil groups

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Teachers are always working with different groups of children; perhaps they're extending the more able, or working with target childen who find a particular concept hard. By creating groups in Studyzone, you can easily allocate tasks to specific children very quickly. I use this all the time, either to set homework for different ability groups, or set early work tasks for specific children who found a concept difficult in a previous lesson. In this video, you'll learn how to create groups and allocate students to a group.   Loading the player... Once you've mastered t... (Read More)

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Top Tip - How to manage pupil accounts as a teacher

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As a classroom teacher, I was determined to make the creation of pupil accounts on as quick and simple as possible and I think this has been achieved. In a matter of seconds, you can create accounts for ever student in your class or school and even print off personalised login cards for them to use.   As this new school year begins, I thought it would be helpful to explore this process with our first Top Tip video.   Loading the player...   When a student logins to, all their scores and activities are saved. As a result,... (Read More)

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